Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Bucket Hat

I made another Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat! (See my others HERE.) 

My 3-year-old was growing out of the one I made her last year - it wouldn't stay on her head! So I made her the largest size... hoping it will fit for at least a couple years! I let her pick her own fabric and I have to say it turned out pretty cute!

I love the pattern (and of course I also love that it's free) but I still had trouble with the final step. I just couldn't get the inside to look nice, so it isn't really reversible in its current state. I considered picking out my stitches and trying again, but my daughter was itching to wear her new hat and I knew she would never wear the orange side anyway, so I just gave it to her. Oh well, next time I'll try harder. For now, we'll just enjoy the hat. :)

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