Monday, June 20, 2016

spitty baby bandana bibs

My baby girl is a spitter. Seriously spitty. My other daughter was not like this so it is new to me and I am definitely still figuring out how to manage the constant mess.

I decided to make her some of the cute bandana-style bibs that are all the rage lately. I found a free pattern from See Kate Sew and used some of my favorite scrap pieces. Easy peasy.

The bibs fit well but next time I would probably make a couple changes. First, I would use a different absorbent material for the backing of the bib. I used chenille that I had left over from making burp cloths and it makes the bibs a little too thick and stiff for my liking. I think using flannel would help them to lay better. Second, I might add a bit more neck curve into the pattern so that it doesn't bunch up quite so much around the neck. 

Her new bibs look so cute... too bad they are basically worthless for the spit-up. It always goes everywhere but the bib or the burp cloth or whatever I am trying to catch it with. Ugh. Oh well, they will probably work great for when she becomes a drooly teething baby. :)

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