Wednesday, May 18, 2016

double gauze franklin dress

Here's another blast from the past...

I spent a lot of time in early December debating what dress to make my daughter for Christmas and I finally landed on the Franklin Dress pattern by Brooklyn Pattern Co. I'd been eyeing it for awhile and the 3/4 length sleeve option meant that it would be warm enough to wear in the (Texas) winter without having to go find a matching cardigan to wear with it.

I bought some coral-y red colored Cotton + Steel double gauze to use for the dress. It was my first time using double gauze and I do love it. It is so comfy cozy. Plus it looked Christmassy enough to wear for Christmas but no so Christmassy that it couldn't be worn year-round, know what I mean?

Since I sewed this six months ago, I don't really remember much about the process of making it. The pattern was clear but not quite as detailed as most of the pdf patterns I have used. This may have been a problem if it had been the first dress I had ever sewn, but since I have some experience it was very easy for me to figure out. Also, I always find it interesting how different patterns recommend doing things in different orders... some start with the bodice, some with the sleeves, some with the skirt. This one was out of order for me so I would probably switch things around a little next time, but that really has no bearing on the final project, just how my mind works. 

I did end up hemming the skirt a little higher that the pattern calls for because the dress looked rather pajama-y. I think it was due to the double gauze. It helped a lot to shorten it, but I left the extra fabric in the hemline in case I want to lengthen it as my daughter grows. 

I finished off the dress with a few vintage round faceted black glass buttons. I had originally intended to use gold buttons but the red fabric is kind of a funny shade and the black just looked better. Love how it turned out, though! I am looking forward to sewing a few more Franklin Dresses with different sleeves and fabrics. It is always so fun to see how the same pattern can yield such different results depending on materials and finishing choices.

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