Monday, May 23, 2016

blackberry sally dress

I'm getting back into my sewing groove, hooray! Bedtime for my girls has been a bit of a mess lately, but things are finally settling into a groove and that means I have some time in the evenings to myself. Makes me feel like a human being again. Truly.

Anyway, my 3-year-old is loving dresses lately. She would wear them every day if she could. So I thought I would take advantage of that and make her a few new dresses for the summer. First up on the list was the Sally Dress by Very Shannon. I have had the pattern for several years - I purchased it as part of a pattern bundle awhile back. I've been meaning to sew it up for awhile, but the timing just never seemed right. You see, the really fun thing about this pattern is the huge pockets, and my daughter has never really been into pockets. She finally loves pockets... so it seemed like the perfect time to finally make this dress!

I chose the fabric "Raspberry Bramble" in purple from The Lovely Hunt by Lizzy House. Love it! The colors are so rich and vibrant in person. Also, the large print works really well for this dress. 

I made my daughter a 4T with a 5T length since she is so tall. It fits her perfectly and if she shoots up in height a bit over the summer it will still look great.

I had no trouble with the sewing... the dress came together quickly and easily with no particularly tricky parts. Just like the Bohemian Babydoll dresses I shared last week, this dress has no closures, so I enjoyed not having to add any buttons or zippers. I could definitely get used to that! My daughter loves her new "Blackberry Dress" so I call it a success!

Sharing for Kids Clothes Week! Even though I sewed it a little early, I have a 3-month-old at home and am lucky to get any sewing in at all. I feel justified in throwing myself a bone this time. Plus, for the last several Kids Clothes Weeks I haven't been able to get my projects photographed and blogged fast enough to share with the Kids Clothes Week community, which is kind of sad, so this time I am starting a bit ahead of the game. And that's that.

kid's clothes week


  1. Lovely dress! This dress is the next one on my sewing list :-)

  2. This is wonderful! Did you know that your eligible for the dress competition?


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