Saturday, April 16, 2016

doll cat costume

Another thing I made for Halloween last year was a costume for my daughter's doll, Pretty Baby (the doll is actually an American Girl Bitty Baby but she has always called her Pretty Baby instead so we just go with it). A few weeks before Halloween, my daughter announced that Pretty Baby was going to be a black cat. She also announced that I was going to dress up as a knight... but that didn't happen!

Anyway, I thought that it would be cute to make an outfit for Pretty Baby, so I went looking for a pattern. If I had designed something myself I probably would have just made ears or a mask and been done with it, but luckily I found the Catwoman Suit pattern by Cole's Creations and it worked just perfectly. I cut up one of my old black t-shirts and the outfit came together very quickly. The pattern was simple and well-written, with tips on how to make a better, more durable doll outfit for those of us who haven't before. I can see how making doll clothes could become addicting... they use such little fabric, are easy to sew and don't require nearly as much perfection or attention to detail as an actual article of clothing does, so there's lots more wiggle room for errors. Plus tiny things are generally just plain cute.

I sewed the pattern as written (minus the catwoman mask), except that I added a tail. Unfortunately, Pretty Baby was sleeping in her crib in my daughter's room so I didn't get to try the cat suit on for fit before adding said tail... and I sewed it on way too low. Like in the crotch area. It looked great until I put it on the doll the next morning. Oops. But my daughter loved it and that is all that matters!

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