Thursday, April 14, 2016

astronaut costume

The first item I want to share with you is the astronaut costume I made for my daughter to wear for Halloween. She decided she wanted to be an astronaut last year in March, I think, and she talked about her costume every day, so it was a long wait until the end of October for her!

I put off designing the costume until October... I know I could have started sooner but I honestly thought she would probably change her mind before Halloween, but she never did! I decided I didn't want to make a costume that was too complicated or that could be uncomfortable or hard to wear - this was a 2-year-old I was dealing with after all... I wanted her to wear it! I ended up loosely basing my costume off of this photo I found on Pinterest (source unknown). I loved how comfy it looked, while still obviously being an astronaut.

For the top I made a Bimaa sweater with a hood. For the pants I made Go To Leggings. Both are such easy, quick patterns. I decorated the costume with black bias tape to imitate zippers and sewed on NASA and space shuttle patches I purchased off Etsy. I finished it off with black boots and an American flag... and voilĂ ! 

So simple yet so effective!

And the best part was that my daughter LOVED it! She still talks about it all the time now, over five months later! 

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  1. I still love this too! And I love how she was so persistent on it :)


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