Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ileana dress

I tested a pattern back in July that I'd like to share with you. It was the Ileana Dress by Compagnie M. I was under a little bit of a time crunch as we were getting ready to leave for vacation, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to test this beautiful dress!

Since this dress was released a couple of months ago already, there are many lovely pictures of it that you can find online through a Google search, but I just want to give you an idea of the many, many different options that this dress offers! There is a raglan bodice or a regular bodice, three pocket options, four collars and three faux button placket options. There is also the option to mix the pattern pieces with Compagnie M.'s other patterns: the Louisa Dress, the Mara Blouse and the Lotta Dress. Like I said, TONS of options! It was a little overwhelming sitting down with the pattern the first time and having to choose!

I ended up using the raglan bodice with half sleeves and half circle skirt, the floral collar with accent on hemline and no pockets or button placket.

The dress features an invisible zipper. It was only my second time installing one and I didn't have an invisible zipper foot, but I think it turned out pretty well given the circumstances.

Here is a bit more detail of the adorable floral collar option.

I sewed a size 3 for my daughter and it fit a little larger and longer than most size 3s, but I know a size 2 would have been too small. I think it may even fit her next year, but that is just fine with me. However, after mine was sewn up the pattern was adjusted slightly and the sizing may be closer now. I haven't gotten around to making another Ileana dress to find out how much the fit has changed. Another thing that has changed is the sleeves... my sleeves are a bit too large and the pattern has been adjusted to make them not quite so wing-like. :)

Working with Marta from Compagnie M. was a great experience. She is Dutch, so it was wonderful having the chance to test along with sewists of a wide variety of nationalities and languages. I loved the chance to try out some new techniques and challenge myself to work on a timeline to sew something new and different. My favorite technique was learning how to hem a circle skirt using bias tape. Unfortunately there is no good photo of it, but let me just say, this is an AWESOME trick! I will certainly be using it lots more!

Thank you, Marta, for having me! I look forward to the chance to test for you again!

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