Friday, May 1, 2015

popover fireworks dress

For my second Kid's Clothes Week make last week, I sewed my daughter an Oliver + S Popover Sundress. It's a free pattern and super cute and simple. I will definitely be making more because it went together so quickly.

Originally I had other ideas for the pattern... plans that were more in line with the season's "Wild Things" theme. But I was having trouble getting excited about starting it, so I ended up going in a completely different direction.

I used navy blue linen for the main dress fabric, and some vintage red and blue plaid for the yoke and ties. I also added a piece of vintage eyelet trim to the yoke for a bit of interest and I think it really makes the dress. I sewed a size 3 for my tall girl and the fit is great. I also used french seams (my new favorite technique - I use these everywhere now!) so there are no exposed seams.

Then at the last minute I decided to add some hand embroidery to the bottom. The dress was definitely veering in a patriotic direction with its red, white and blue colors, so I decided to just go all out and add some fireworks. I got lucky and found a cute (and free!) fireworks embroidery pattern from Mollie Makes that worked perfectly.

My daughter loves here "fireworks dress" and I can see her wearing it a lot this summer. The fourth of July is still a little way off, but I guess she can wear it for Memorial Day too?