Wednesday, April 22, 2015

kid's clothes week: butterfly swing top

I know I keep saying this, but I think I might have (another) new favorite pattern. 

It's the LOL Swing Top pattern by Jennuine Design. It is the perfect swingy summer top and on the reverse side the racerback with gathered skirt is adorbs. Yes, I said that.

You know how some outfits look cuter on the hanger, and others look cuter when they're being worn? This one looks way better on a little girl than on the hanger... but with that warning, I'm showing it to you on a hanger anyway so you can see the details a bit better.

For the fabric I used Wingspan by Art Gallery Fabrics for the front and a coordinating minty green cotton from JoAnn for the back skirt and bias tape. I adore this fabric and am tempted to buy some more to make a top for myself! Though that has a history of not going too well...

The pattern uses quarter inch bias tape (read: really narrow!) and recommends using store-bought, but I decided to be a rebel and make my own because I really wanted the color to match. It worked out fine, but next time I will try store-bought tape and see if it goes any easier. There were a couple spots I ended up having to hand sew because I just couldn't get the the bias tape to catch. 

This pattern can be sewn with either woven or knit fabric and the woven version has a cute button closure on the left shoulder. I used a vintage clear glass button and think it's a cute touch.

I couldn't wait to try it on my daughter and it certainly didn't disappoint. So cute! I think I'll be making a couple more of these to round out her summer wardrobe. Perfect for the Texas heat! (Though I am trying to pretend that isn't coming soon... ugh.)

kid's clothes week

Check out the Kid's Clothes Week website to sew along or make plans to sew next season! It's lots of fun and just requires an hour of sewing each day for a week!


  1. This one is super cute. I can't get over how beautiful she is! :D

  2. Too much cute! I love the braids and the elephant purse. How do you get her to sit still so long? I can barely get Maggie in a ponytail!

    1. Yes, she insisted on the purse for the photos. I braid her hair while she's in her high chair eating breakfast, then she can't get away. Sneaky. Also, I'm a pretty quick braider! :)

  3. What a fun top! I love that the bias tape matches the backing fabric. I think that it is a really nice detail. That elephant purse is just awesome!

    1. Thanks so much! She takes that purse with her everywhere!!


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