Thursday, April 16, 2015

cousu top

I promised I'd be back with another example of the Cousu Top and Dress and here I am... finally!

This is a top that I made in size 2. It is looser fitting than the dress I made, but I think that is due to the very thin knit fabric that I used. The fabric was also harder to sew with and doesn't look quite as neat and tidy as the dress... but still turned into an adorable, very-wearable summer top. Side note: she is wearing the Puppet Show Shorts I made for her last year! Might have to make a couple more pairs for this summer - I love that pattern!

I don't really have much to say here except that this is a really fun pattern to sew. Even if you are new to knits, it is not too bad. Because there is no binding or hemming on the neck, sleeve or waistband, it really cuts out a lot of the typical "sewing-with-knits problem areas", if that makes sense... In other words, it allows you to get a very professional-looking product without being super experienced with stretchy fabrics. Jump in and try it - you won't regret this one!

The Cousu Top and Dress can be purchased in the Sew Straight Pattern Company Shop, both separately and as part of the complete Cousu Collection.


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