Wednesday, April 1, 2015

cousu dress

The Cousu Top and Dress is the third and final piece of the newly-released Cousu Collection by Terri of Sew Straight and Gather and I can wholeheartedly say it is another winner. (Also see my Cousu Gauchos and Cousu Coat.)

The Cousu Top and Dress is knit pattern that can be either dressy or casual depending on styling and fabric choice. The square neckline and inverted pleats give it a look that is classic yet unique... I have not seen anything similar in independent children's patterns.

There is an option to add a bottom band, which gives it more of a bubble-look, or leave the band off to make the top or dress more flowy and a-line. Unlike the Coat and Trousers patterns, the Top/Dress sews up quite quickly and simply. The pleats go together much faster than the darts in the other patterns and the recommended sewing level for this pattern has been adjusted to "Confident Beginner."

I tested the dress version in size 2 using an aqua knit fabric. I sewed the option without the band, but rather by accident. To be honest, I was planning to add the band, but I liked the look so much without that I decided to just hem the dress and be done with it! This turned out so adorable that I have decided it will be my daughter's Easter dress this year... isn't it perfect?!

I love, love, love this pattern. I know I said that about the coat, and that is still true. But... this might be my favorite out of the entire collection. I love that it is such a quick project (I do love instant gratification!) and I love how different this pattern can look by by using a variety of fabrics. (Plus, can we say CUTE??!) Because of these aspects, I know I will be sewing a lot more of this pattern as my daughter grows. In fact, I've already sewed a second version of this pattern that I'll be sharing with you next week!

The Cousu Collection is on sale at the Sew Straight Pattern Co. Shop through April 4. Patterns can be purchased individually or as a set.

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  1. Such a good summer dress!! As I always say, I would totally wear the same thing!


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