Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a trio of bucket hats

I do have a couple more Kid's Clothes Week projects to share, but I haven't photographed them yet, so you'll have to wait. It has been so dark and rainy around here lately!

To tide you over, here are some hats I made a few weeks ago using the FREE Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat Pattern.

My daughter has outgrown all her baby sun hats, so I've been thinking about getting her a new one... Plus, a friend was coming to town with her two daughters and I wanted to give them a little something... VoilĂ ! I decided to make a trio of hats!

I sewed these hats assembly-line style, only switching out thread colors when absolutely necessary - for top stitching and such. That said, it would have gone a lot faster with no thread switching, so if you are thinking about sewing several of these at once, it would benefit you to think about using thread colors that will match all the hats!

I sewed two Medium size hats (ages 3-5 as per pattern) and one Extra Small (6-12 months). It was a great project for using up small bits of cute fabric left over from other projects.

It was a relatively easy pattern to follow, but I was on a bit of a timeline and we all know how that goes... nothing was going quite right but I didn't have time to fix it all. The curves were a teensy bit tricky to keep neat and tidy. My hand sewing was a bit of a mess. (Yes, there is a bit of required hand sewing!) It was super hard to line up the final bit of edgestitching since you can only see one side as you are sewing. This wouldn't have been as big of a deal if the hat wasn't meant to be reversible, but as it is, I ended up with one good side and one bad side. And because I was meeting my friend THAT DAY, I really had no time to do any damage control. (Also, why you only get to see one side of the first two hats!) Luckily, I think two of the three hats (the cats and the whale pictured above) will probably only be worn with the fun prints on the outside, because what 2-year-old would want to hide that? And the baby sized hat (below) could actually be worn on either side because that one turned out the best.

My daughter's hat fits perfect (but no photos because she refuses to wear it... oh, 2-year-olds...!), and hopefully my friend's daughters' hats fit as well.

I will probably try this pattern again, but take a little more time trying to make it perfect. It is a relatively quick sew, though not quite as quick as I was expecting. The second time around will probably go much easier, though!


  1. Oh I LOVE these! Especially the cat one :) Nice work!

  2. Hey! That friend is me! And we love our hats!! We are so lucky to have such a thoughtful friend in our lives! I will send pictures of the girls wearing them soon, but y'know… 2 year olds!

    1. Awww, thank you! Of course I would love to see photos of your girls in their hats, but I am well aware of the 2 year old problem!! :)


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