Monday, March 30, 2015

cousu coat

Last week I shared the Cousu Gauchos I sewed as a tester for Terri of Sew Straight and Gather. This week I am sharing the Cousu Coat I made as part of the same collection.

This was such a treat to sew. Like the trousers, the coat is distinguished by the darts sewn into both the front and the back panels. Again, these are decorative rather than shaping, and again, the pattern walks you though the dart-making process step-by-step so that anyone from a beginner to a dart-making expert can be proud of their results. The coat even includes pockets hidden within the lines of the darts - a polished-looking and clever feature of the pattern. Like the trousers, this is classified as an intermediate-level pattern, but due to the excellent instructions I think a confident beginner could tackle it with patience.


The swingy A-line shape is so cute on girls of any age and the longer than average length gives it a classic, dressy look. The pattern even offers options for short or long sleeves, both of which are lovely. As you can see, I chose the long-sleeved option, which fit my daughter great. (Although I am a little concerned she won't get much wear out of it now that we are already reaching the upper 70s and even 80s most days!)

Construction of the coat was not fast, but it was a satisfying sew. It uses the bagged lining technique and I have to say it was so exciting to turn the coat and see the results! It just turned out so professional-looking that I can't help but be proud of my work. This jacket has quickly moved up my list to one of my favorite sews. I have been dragging my feet on sewing outerwear because I knew it would be a lot of work, but this one is definitely worth it!

For my coat I used a melon pink stretch denim (didn't need to be stretch, but I loved the color) for the outer fabric and a white and black swiss dot pattern for the lining. The buttons are flower-shaped plastic mother-of-pearl. I love the bit of whimsy they add to the classic shape of the jacket.

If you'd like to sew a Cousu Coat for a little girl you know (you know you do!), you can pick it up in the Sew Straight Pattern Company Shop, where everything is on sale through April 4th!


  1. Okay, you convinced me - I am buying this pattern. This coat is too cute. Did you sew a size 2?

    1. So glad you like it! :) I actually sewed a size 3 based on her height (she was 37.5" at her 2 year appt. and I think she is even taller now!). As I was sewing it, I was worried it would end up looking too long, but I don't really think it does. Plus, it fits great in the shoulders and I think the size 2 might have been a little snug. Not sure if that helps! There is not a very big difference between the two sizes when you look at the pattern, so if you are worried you might want to just size up so she can wear it longer! :)


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