Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 in review

I'm a bit overdue for my yearly review post but I like doing them so I'm going to post it anyway! It's so nice to step back and look at what I've done and accomplished in the past year. 2014 was a busy year. My daughter grew and changed every day, I sewed lots (especially little girls' clothing!) and we went on some great trips. Nothing too out of the ordinary but a nice year overall.

See my past yearly review posts here:

In January I posted about our trip to Iowa when my daughter got to go sledding! Then I sewed some baprons, shared a freezer paper tutorial and got really excited about Kid's Clothes week. I sewed the cute Valentine's Day outfit in the photo above (still one of my favorites!), along with a checked circle skirt and a birthday geranium dress.

February was a fun month because we celebrated my daughter's first birthday. We had a "You Are My Sunshine" themed party and my parents came down to visit for a week. We even took a day trip to Dinosaur Valley. A good month!

In March I kept busy with a variety of projects. I shared the photo board book I had printed for my daughter and the rocking scooter that my dad and husband built for her. Then I shared an idea for a wipes container baby toy that my daughter still plays with almost a year later. I finished my cargo duffle bag, which I still maintain was probably one of the most complicated things I have ever sewed... making it one of my favorite things that I have sewed! Finally I shared springtime flowers, a fun vintage find and some handmade baby gifts.

April was filled with lots of sewing. I attempted a Plantain t-shirt for me, then went to town with little girl clothes - puppet show shorts, a yellow sunsuit, another geranium dress and a bunny skirt (with tutorial!) We also had a lovely family Easter and my daughter loved, loved, LOVED meeting the Easter bunny!

In May I continued my sewing streak, making the izzy top and puppet show shorts set above, along with my first lulu dress and another retro izzy top (love that pattern!). And my cats celebrated their birthdays. Ha.

In June I made a snappy mani pouch, a nessie top and even more puppet show shorts. I also shared some handmade doll clothes I found while antiquing. Toward the end of the month, my daughter and I took a long trip to Iowa to visit family and attend a wedding - so many wonderful memories!

In July I shared a cute infinity scarf that I made, but the highlight of the month was a long driving trip that my husband and I took with my daughter. We spent time at museums and in the mountains and on the beach. So wonderful.

August was hot and I had a little bit of trouble getting back into the sewing swing of things after our multiple vacations, but I did manage to crank out a whale lulu top, a hanami top and a reversible apple pinafore - all favorites that will hopefully still fit in the spring!

September was a quiet month on the blog, but a busy one in real life (isn't that usually how it goes?) I did some contract exhibit work and we had carpet put into the entire upstairs level of our house. I also ventured into the world of pattern testing for the first time and made the first of several etage dresses.

In October we had some friends visit at the beginning of the month, plus we did some typical fall-ish activities like the fair and the pumpkin patch. I also revved up my sewing a bit, finishing a yellow etage dress, an owl bimaa sweater and a strawberry etage top for Kid's Clothes Week. My favorite part was making my daughter's Emily Elizabeth Halloween costume - so much fun!

In November I shared the sanitary napkins I sewed for Craft Hope. We also had a lovely family Thanksgiving here in Texas and it was a beautiful month - probably the most beautiful fall in the 4 1/2 years since we've lived in Texas. I also sewed a bunch of felt turkeys and felt pumpkin pies, one set of which I gave away as part of Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day in December.

In December I finally shared the navy natty jane shoes that I made way back in June! I just love them. I sewed up a couple of lua sleepsacks for my cousin's twin boys. And we had a wonderful trip to Iowa over Christmas and New Year's to visit my family. 

So there you have it. A full year. Looking back, I am always surprised at what I accomplished, even though at the time it often felt like I wasn't really getting much done. (Besides the laundry and the dishes. Always the dishes.) I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring. Still planning to sit down and plan out some personal goals for the year... better late than never, right?

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