Wednesday, November 12, 2014

sewing for Craft Hope

Whenever possible, I love the opportunity to use my love of crafting for those in need. Craft Hope has made crafting for a cause straightforward yet meaningful, and I have participated in several projects over the years, including sewing a sock monkey, aprons and pillowcase dresses. The most recent project {Project 25} We Are Kenya, is donating items to an organization that works with children in one of Kenya's largest slums. 

One of the items that was needed was reusable menstrual pads... sanitary napkins... whatever you prefer to call them. My first reaction was something along the lines of Why would I want to make those??! And who would, when the other options include sewing sweet stuffed animals or cozy hats and scarves? Well, after reading further, I changed my mind. You see, girls are often forced to quit going to school after their period starts because their family cannot afford to provide them with pads. How very, very sad. 

It is hard being a girl... I remember all the things I "lost interest" in after getting my period. Swimming, dance class, Girl Scout camp. I wanted to avoid the possibility of embarrassment. But having to quit school? That is in another league entirely. I want to help some young girls through this tough time, which is why I decided to take on this project. If my work keeps even one more girl in school, then it was worth my time a hundred times over.

The details: I made a total of 24 reusable pads using flannel (only $3 a yard on sale, so these were really cheap to make!) and snaps. I used this tutorial I found on the blog Little House Living. I followed the tutorial exactly for the blue set, so they are lightweight, like liners. For the purple set, I added a layer of waterproof PUL and a couple layers of cotton quilt batting so that they will work for heavier days. They turned out so nice that I would be lying if I didn't admit that I almost wanted to keep them for myself.

I sent them off last week, so I hope they make at least a tiny difference in some girl's life. Projects like this make me realize how blessed my life really is.