Thursday, October 30, 2014

Emily Elizabeth: a Halloween costume

So I went around and around trying to decide what to make as my daughter's Halloween costume this year. (Last year she was a Cabbage Patch doll!) I was planning to do an owl but at the last minute decided that since she LOVES the Clifford books so much, she should be Emily Elizabeth, the little girl from the books! I was inspired by a costume I found on the blog Seeker of Happiness.


Emily Elizabeth has worn a variety of different outfits over the years, but I decided to stick with the pink and black ensemble she wears for the Clifford The Big Red Dog TV show because I felt it was the most distinct and recognizable. (And can you say cute!?)


The only handmade part of this outfit is the dress. I used the Norah Dress pattern by Welcome to the Mouse House (again, purchased in a pattern bundle). I used a stretchy black knit with polka dots and a white satin for the collar. My "master plan" was that it would be a dress she could wear anytime, not just for Halloween. The satin collar gives it some dressiness, so it turned out looking more like a special occasion dress than a play dress, which is fine, I guess... we just don't have many dressy occasions around here! I loved the pattern and will definitely make it again. My only regret is using the satin for the collar - it was really hard to work with, especially attaching it to the knit, and it kind of sticks out funny. Not exactly the look I was going for but it looks fine as a costume.

I purchased the pink cardigan on sale at Old Navy. It is a little long because they only had a size 3T, but that's fine because she'll grow into it. The shoes are from Target and the leg warmers are from Etsy. Easy peasy!

The best part of the costume is Clifford! I ordered him from Amazon and hid him in my closet until costume time. She adores him and luckily was distracted enough by her new friend that I was able to get her outfit on and pictures taken without any real meltdowns. (She is becoming more and more opinionated about clothing and didn't seem too keen on this costume until Clifford came out.) I hid him again until Halloween tomorrow, but it remains to be seen whether he will work his magic a second time.

"Oh look, a dog!"

"Just like Clifford!"


Happy Halloween!

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  1. I KNEW this costume would turn out amazingly!!! What a wonderful mom to put together such a fun idea of a costume! :D


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