Friday, August 8, 2014

whale lulu top

Long time no sew... eh?

Does anyone else have trouble getting back into gear when you've been away from your machine for awhile? I took two vacations so I've done hardly any sewing all summer and I'm having trouble getting inspired to start. I know as soon as I do everything will be great, but it's that initial foot-to-the-pedal action that is evading me.

Anyway... I missed this season's Kid's Clothes Week because I was on the vacation I shared with you last week. Like, literally, I was gone for the same exact days that Kid's Clothes Week was running this summer. Bummer. But I sewed up a cute top for my daughter before my Iowa trip (in anticipation of KCW!) and still haven't shared it yet, so I thought I would today.

It's a Lulu Top by Craftiness is Not Optional. This is a fun pattern because it allows you to mix knit and woven fabrics for combos that you wouldn't normally use.

I sewed the top length (rather than the dress length like I did with my first Lulu) partly because I didn't have enough cute whale fabric for a dress and partly because my darling girl is STILL NOT WALKING. Yes. She'll be 18 months in a couple weeks so I'm really starting to get antsy. I want to make her some dresses, dangit! Plus, even though I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with her besides the fact that she's just taking her own sweet time (she's taken a couple steps in the last few days), if she's not walking by her 18-month appointment, we might have to see a specialist. Sooooo... if you have any tips or tricks, please let me know, haha.

Anyway, she LOVES her whale shirt and wants to wear it all the time. Both the whale quilting fabric and the fushia knit came from the JoAnn Fabrics remnant bin. 50% off, baby!

I do love this pattern because it is so comfy to wear and easy to make, but both times I've had a little trouble with the collar... the pattern explains how to create bias tape from a piece of knit and sandwich the collar in between the folded bias tape to sew. Sounds simple enough but I'm having a heck of a time getting it to catch all the layers and look neat and tidy. It may just be a case of practice makes perfect, but if you have any tips here I'd welcome them as well!

I have some more things in the works, just have to figure out how to get my butt back in gear! :)

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  1. I love the whales! And she's such a happy little girl :D


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