Tuesday, August 26, 2014

reversible apple pinafore

It's back-to-school week in our neck of the woods (not here for a few years yet, thank goodness!). In honor of back-to-school and almost-September, I decided to sew my daughter an apple top.

tulip pinafore by too sweets, sewed by dandelions and lace

I used the Tulip Pinafore pattern by Too Sweets that I got awhile back in one of the Sew Fab pattern sales (told you I'm a sucker for pattern bundles!). It's a cute, basic top that I think she will get a lot of use out of.

Although I think the pattern is adorable, I wasn't a huge fan of the open back in real life, so I paired it with a white t-shirt and I think it looks even cuter. Kind of like a jumper. Oh man, jumpers... I was a school uniform kid, and just the thought of jumpers brings me back to milk cartons and pencil sharpeners and four square and crayons. And crossing our fingers during the first and the last weeks of school that it would be hot enough that the jumpers could come off and we could wear shorts for the rest of the day. Anyone else with me?

Anyway, back to the the present.

tulip pinafore by too sweets, sewed by dandelions and lace

I decided to make the pattern reversible by sewing two buttons back-to-back, one on each side of the top. It works great except that I didn't realize it would make the buttons so tight that the fabric would barely be able to slide under the button to close. It's alright, but next time I would try not to sew the buttons on so tight.

The pattern was pretty easy, but for some reason the construction of this top seemed a little harder and more complicated than it needed to be. I have sewed a couple other items that are rather similar but were much simpler to sew up, so if I use this pattern again, I might play around with it and see if there is another way.

I used dark-colored denim (above) for the first side. For interest I added a few apples cut from the lining fabric and attached with fusible webbing. I didn't stitch around them, so I am hoping they will hold up well in the wash.

tulip pinafore by too sweets, sewed by dandelions and lace

For the other side I used a colorful apple fabric I found at JoAnn appropriately called "Bright Appleseed."

There you have it. A new top and a little girl who is suddenly looking way too big for her own good. Someone please tell me where my baby went!

tulip pinafore by too sweets, sewed by dandelions and lace


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