Thursday, June 12, 2014

more puppet show shorts

Surprise! I sewed a couple more pairs of Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts for my daughter! I love the pattern and she has already been growing out of the 18-24 month pairs that I made her. Of course, I had to buy the pattern again since it is split into two size groups... this set goes from size 2T-5, so hopefully it will last a bit longer than the other did! 

oliver + s puppet show shorts 

I decided to be boring and make a denim pair and a navy blue pair. The denim I had in my stash from a couple of other projects, and the navy blue is a bottomweight fabric from the remnant bin at JoAnn that seemed perfect for shorts. It took everything in me to not add fancy trim and pretty colors, but I really wanted to make some shorts that could match just about anything. I might have to make her a light colored pair too! 

 oliver + s puppet show shorts 

The nice thing about these colors, though, was that I was able to sew them assembly-line style by using the same color thread for both. This really made them so quick to sew - even though I sewed two pairs, it definitely did not take twice as long. I am going to keep that in mind in the future when I make multiples of things. 

oliver + s puppet show shorts 

oliver + s puppet show shorts 

Another fun thing is that I am debuting my new tags! Well, they're not that fancy, but I kind of like them. Actually, I picked up a personalized fabric stamp from the Pick Your Plum daily deal website, stamped a piece of ribbon and then just sewed it on! Makes everything feel a little more official. I do plan to order some nicer tags someday, but until I decide what I want them to say these will work just fine. 

cool new tags!

I have a busy summer planned, but I'm going to do my best to keep posting at least weekly. I've finished some other fun projects that I will be sharing with you soon!

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