Thursday, May 15, 2014

birthday boys

It's that time of year again! The time when I harrass my cats into taking photos of them with blocks proclaiming their age - it's their birthday!!

We adopted both in shelters so we don't know their real birthdays, but their vet-given birthdays were within 15 days of each other, so we celebrate together. I know, it must be super tough on them. :)

Also, I usually bake on their birthday, but I just ate a whole pan of peanut butter bars last week, so I've decided to cut back. We'll have ice cream instead, haha. And the birthday boys can have a few extra cat treats.

And now on with the show:

Bubby was first. He is four today! He was so excited to get into the photo (or maybe into my arms, haha) that he kept knocking over the blocks in an attempt to get closer. This was the best photo of him I could get and it is a perfect description of his personality.

Here are (some of) the outtakes... I seriously wanted to change the blocks from "I AM FOUR" to "I AM ANNOYING". That would have been a more accurate description.

Scooter was next. He is seven today! (Which means that in July my husband and I will have been married for seven years - yikes!) Scooter was roused from a nap for pictures, which he wasn't too pleased about, but he was still more cooperative than Bubby. Nothing new there.

Happy Birthday, sweet kitties! :)

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It's another fun time of year too! It's Sew Mama Sew giveaway week! It started on Monday, but you still have two more days to enter the hundreds of giveaways because it doesn't end until tomorrow night! I was going to host a giveaway but totally forgot about it until my blogger friend Grace reminded me on Instagram. Now I've just been wasting all my time entering to win. Fingers crossed! (Actually, I met Grace through the last Giveaway Day - I won a cute bib from her shop, Fun Little Things. My daughter and I both love it. I don't even let her wear it when she's eating messy foods just because I don't want her to mess it up, haha. And she loves pointing to the cute bee on it when she wears it. Check out Grace's shop, you'll be glad you did!)

And if you want to enter to win some giveaways before the week is over, check out:
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  1. I love these kitties :D and the fact that you celebrate them!!


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