Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a lulu dress

Have you seen Craftiness is Not Optional's newest pattern, the Lulu Dress & Top? From the moment she gave us a sneak peak of it on her Instagram account, I have wanted to make one for my girlie. I finally got a chance to sew one up this weekend and just have to say I love this pattern so much. 

lulu dress by craftiness is not optional, sewed by dandelions and lace

The top part of the dress is designed to use knit fabric and the bottom can be either knit or woven fabric. Mixing knit and wovens? Imagine the possibilities! And believe me when I say this is a super quick sew. It was so straightforward and simple that I want to make a ton more. Perfect as a comfy play dress or top for a little girl.

lulu dress by craftiness is not optional, sewed by dandelions and lace

The dress I sewed for my daughter used fabrics I already had in my stash... a red and white patterned knit from an old Gap t-shirt for the bodice and lightweight denim for the skirt. My sewing on this was a little on the sloppy side because the knit was kind of thin and slippery (so don't look too closely at the stitching, please!) but it turned out adorable just the same. I added the tie option for additional cuteness. 

lulu dress by craftiness is not optional, sewed by dandelions and lace

I made the 18-24 month size and it fits perfectly with some room to spare. I would love to make a couple more for summer but with her not walking yet, dresses are a little hard... they get in her way when she crawls and her diaper is always showing. But I could solve that by sewing some tops instead... then she can just wear shorts underneath. Ok, I think I just talked myself into it!

lulu dress by craftiness is not optional, sewed by dandelions and lace

If you have a little girl to sew for, make this dress! You won't regret it! The pattern goes up to size 8, so I can see this one getting a lot of use over the years.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

retro izzy top

I just couldn't help myself and had to sew up another Izzy Top. If you follow my blog, you may notice that once I find a good pattern, I usually make two... Olivia dress one and two, Snappy toddler top (made a second as a gift), Geranium dress one and two, Puppet Show shorts one and two, Izzy Top one and now two... I guess it's just what I do!

retro 1960s fabric Izzy top

Anyway, this one is super cute. I used all vintage fabric from my Grandmother's stash. The top is solid red and the bottom is a 1960s hearts and daisies retro/mod print. I love it. I have always loved this print and am so glad I finally found a way to use it. I only have about 5 inches left so I'm glad I didn't wait until my girlie was much bigger or I wouldn't have had enough! (If you love the fabric too, I found some on Etsy!)

retro 1960s fabric Izzy top

Have you been following along with Vintage May on Craftiness is Not Optional and Skirt as Top? I have and I've been loving all the vintage inspiration. Although I'm not officially part of it, I'm considering this my Vintage May contribution! What can I say, I've been inspired!

retro 1960s fabric Izzy top

And I have lots more vintage fabric where that comes from... I'm going to make more of an effort to use it in my sewing from here on out.

retro 1960s fabric Izzy top

Thursday, May 15, 2014

birthday boys

It's that time of year again! The time when I harrass my cats into taking photos of them with blocks proclaiming their age - it's their birthday!!

We adopted both in shelters so we don't know their real birthdays, but their vet-given birthdays were within 15 days of each other, so we celebrate together. I know, it must be super tough on them. :)

Also, I usually bake on their birthday, but I just ate a whole pan of peanut butter bars last week, so I've decided to cut back. We'll have ice cream instead, haha. And the birthday boys can have a few extra cat treats.

And now on with the show:

Bubby was first. He is four today! He was so excited to get into the photo (or maybe into my arms, haha) that he kept knocking over the blocks in an attempt to get closer. This was the best photo of him I could get and it is a perfect description of his personality.

Here are (some of) the outtakes... I seriously wanted to change the blocks from "I AM FOUR" to "I AM ANNOYING". That would have been a more accurate description.

Scooter was next. He is seven today! (Which means that in July my husband and I will have been married for seven years - yikes!) Scooter was roused from a nap for pictures, which he wasn't too pleased about, but he was still more cooperative than Bubby. Nothing new there.

Happy Birthday, sweet kitties! :)

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It's another fun time of year too! It's Sew Mama Sew giveaway week! It started on Monday, but you still have two more days to enter the hundreds of giveaways because it doesn't end until tomorrow night! I was going to host a giveaway but totally forgot about it until my blogger friend Grace reminded me on Instagram. Now I've just been wasting all my time entering to win. Fingers crossed! (Actually, I met Grace through the last Giveaway Day - I won a cute bib from her shop, Fun Little Things. My daughter and I both love it. I don't even let her wear it when she's eating messy foods just because I don't want her to mess it up, haha. And she loves pointing to the cute bee on it when she wears it. Check out Grace's shop, you'll be glad you did!)

And if you want to enter to win some giveaways before the week is over, check out:
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Monday, May 5, 2014

izzy top + puppet show shorts

My daughter loves drawers... opening them, closing them and especially stashing things in them. Which makes for fun little surprises for me. In the last week, I have found a rubber pig in my cookie cutter drawer, a toy phone in my leftover containers drawer, and a bale of hay in my... um... feminine necessities drawer. Thanks, sweetie! :)

izzy top + puppet show shorts

Anyway. As I mentioned in my post a couple weeks ago, I LOVE the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts pattern. My first pair turned out adorable, so I decided to whip up another pair. And they turned out just as cute. But then I decided that they needed a coordinating top and I just couldn't decide what to make. I know I could make the Puppet Show Top, but it just looked so complicated and I really wanted something simple. Finally, I decided on an Izzy Top by Climbing the Willow. It was a very quick sew it turned out so cute. I think I will be making more of these. Plus, the pattern is FREE, so you should go make one too! :)

izzy top + puppet show shorts

For the shorts, I used a lightweight denim I had leftover from another project. I trimmed the leg openings and pockets with a cute navy, green and white floral fabric I was given by a friend. I used the same floral for the top and added the denim to the button tab as a cute coordinating detail. Finally, I added a green vintage button (from my grandma's stash!) to the back and another two buttons as decoration to the front bodice.

izzy top + puppet show shorts

I LOVE how this top turned out. The rounded bodice would never look good on an adult, but on a chubby little toddler it is just delicious! And yes, I am beginning to think of her as a toddler, because... look! She stands! Hooray! Still no walking but she is finally pulling up on everything, so I'm hoping it will be coming soon.

izzy top + puppet show shorts

I made the top in a size 2T and I'm glad I did because I think the 18 months would have been too small. The shorts are 18-24 month size but I'm starting to think I should have maybe sized those up as well, because she is going to grow out of them in no time. Sewing for kids is hard because they grow so dang fast!!

izzy top + puppet show shorts

I have some other (non-sewing) projects that I really need to be working on, but right now I just want to sew. all. the. things. Must resist. (I'll let you know how that goes!)