Wednesday, April 30, 2014

plantain t-shirt

I've been meaning for awhile to sew myself a shirt. For one thing, sewing myself something to wear was one of my 30 before 30 goals. After my skirt fail, I just never worked up the courage to try again. But I decided that since Made By Rae was hosting a Spring Top Sewalong, it would be the perfect time do it, this time with a shirt.

deer and doe plantain t-shirt

I decided to work with knit, because it's comfy and it's an area where I need practice. So I trolled the aisles of JoAnn and finally decided on a lovely grey jersey with gold stripes. So pretty.

I picked out Deer & Doe's Plantain T-shirt pattern, because it's cute and FREE! Can't beat free. Especially since I wasn't really too confident this would work out well.

The shirt went together beautifully. I spent a bit longer figuring out the collar than I care to admit... and picked out many seams... and coveted a serger many times... but in the end it looked like a t-shirt. Just like it should. 

deer and doe plantain t-shirt

I tried it on and it fit like a glove. Like a glove that you have to peel off finger by finger and when you finally get it off it's been turned completely inside out and you swear you will never put it on again because you might lose circulation in one of your fingers.

Yes, it was snug. Well, not quite that snug, but snug enough that even if I were to get skinny, it would probably still never fit well. And I swear I measured. Boo.

I can tell the cut is nice and I am really happy with how it turned out, considering that I am still a knit newbie. It is cute and I so wish I could wear it, but I just can't. (And because of this you are not going to be treated to a photo of me in it.) Sad day. And the worst part is that I don't think the pattern goes big enough... there is only one bigger size and it's probably not enough of a difference to fit well. Taking recommendations for t-shirt patterns that that are... well... not quite so fitted!

deer and doe plaintain t-shirt

Also, you'll probably see some clothes for my daughter coming up with the same fabric because there is a lot left over!!

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  1. Make a t-shirt for her! Then I can have the same shirt as my niece :D

  2. Oh no! So frustrating! And it is so cute! Love that sparkly fabric! I was going to sew myself a knit top (Day Tripper pattern) for selfish sewing week, but the fabric I ordered did not get here in time!


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