Tuesday, April 22, 2014

oliver + s puppet show shorts

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter! We had a wonderful weekend, filled with family and food and fun. I'm still recovering from all the sweets!

oliver + s puppet show shorts

Last week I sewed up a cute pair of shorts for my daughter. They are the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts and I absolutely adore them.

I bought the pattern prior to Kid's Clothes Week during a sale, planning to use them to make an outfit for KCW then ran out of time. The pattern comes with a tunic/dress pattern as well and I bought the birth-24 month size. I had almost immediate buyer's remorse, however, when I realized that it would only be good for this summer and if I want to make more as my daughter grows I will have to purchase the pattern again.

oliver + s puppet show shorts

But I just might buy the pattern twice because these shorts are that good.

I sewed up the 18-24 month size for my bigger than average 14-month-old (who REFUSED to stand for any of my photos) and they fit her perfectly. I used remnant bin fabric that I've had for a few years. It has a nice heavier weight to it for shorts and is adorable but kind of hard to photograph... so I'm sorry if it hurts your eyes.

These shorts were very quick to sew up, the instructions were clear and easy to follow, and the fit is great. This was my first Oliver + S pattern and I have to say that now I believe all the good things I've heard about them. The shorts feel so finished and professional. Almost like they're not even handmade. And those bubble pockets... too cute!!

I think a few more pairs of these shorts are in my future... coming soon! :)

oliver + s puppet show shorts

 Ok... and this is totally unrelated... but my daughter met the Easter Bunny this weekend and her reaction was PURE JOY. I just had to share these photos, they are too precious to keep to myself.


Adorable, right?!?!

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