Saturday, April 5, 2014

My blogging goal for the year is to write once a week. If I don't get a post in today, I will have failed, so here is the post where I ramble on just so that I can say I wrote something this week.

BUT... I am all about quality over quantity, so I will try to keep this short and sweet.

Both my sweet girl and I have been suffering through colds this week (her first ever!! *sad face*). Hers is dragging on longer than mine, but I've been a little sluggish as well and this week has not been as productive or exciting as usual.

I am, however, gearing up for Kid's Clothes Week - starting on Monday! If you'd like to participate, you still have plenty of time to sign up and get ready. Only one hour each day for a week! I have some projects ready to go but have already changed my mind a couple of times so we'll see what I end up with. Should have a couple of fun things to show you guys, though.

And my craft room overhaul is finally starting to get somewhere. It may be a few more weeks because I am s.l.o.w. but when I'm finished I might finally share some photos of my favorite room in the house!

Last but not least... one of my work friends is moving away! She found a great new job in Indiana and I am so happy for her, but that means I will have one less fun person in Dallas to hang out with. And I have very few to begin with. Sad day. I need to make some friends. Seriously. I've always been bad at it because I'm not the kind of person who can just meet a person and then instantly be friends... you know? It takes months and months. And outside of work or school, it's just really hard to make that happen. Tell me I'm not the only person like this?

There I blogged. Aren't you proud of me?

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  1. Excellent! I need to make the "Blog Goal" as well! Way to go! WOOT WOOT!!!!


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