Saturday, April 12, 2014

kid's clothes week: sunny yellow sunsuit

Another Kid's Clothes Week contribution! This will probably be my last project for this go-around, but I do have an idea for one more (small) thing that I just *might* try to work in tonight or tomorrow. We'll see.

made by rae sunsuit sewed by dandelions and lace

Anyway. Since my little bug is still a crawler, dresses can be a bit of a problem. So I started looking around for a romper pattern and what did I find but a cute (free!) tutorial by Made By Rae for a sweet little sunsuit. Since I know she makes good patterns (see my geranium dresses here and here), I decided to give it a go.

I used a yellow seersucker fabric that a friend gave me awhile back when she was clearing out her stash. I've noticed that I sew yellow things for my daughter a lot, but when I think of her I just think yellow. She is such a happy little thing... she radiates sunshine!

made by rae sunsuit sewed by dandelions and lace

So back to the outfit. The tutorial was easy to follow and I learned shirring! (I wanted to say that I learned how to shir... but it seems that shir is not actually a word. This makes the process of shirring rather difficult to talk about.) It was super easy and is definitely a technique that I know I will use again. It just looks so classic, right?

I decided to make ties instead of the straps that Rae shows in her tutorial. I think they look adorable, but my daughter thought they looked good to untie and chew on. Note to self: next time tie in knots.

Comfy and easy to get around in! (Though now that it's shorts weather, she'll need to figure out how to walk soon if she doesn't want sore knees!)

A great pattern. Easy and satisfying.


  1. That is super cute, and Maggie says the straps look delicious. (Okay, she's asleep, but I know her and that's what she would say if she could.)

    1. Thank you! I think our girls would get along well together, haha! :)


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