Monday, April 7, 2014

kid's clothes week: marshmallow bunny skirt + tutorial

Yay! It's the first day of Kid's Clothes Week! I've been ready for this... a great reason to forget about cooking and cleaning for the next 7 days! Haha... I wish.

I will admit that I started this project last week, but I truly finished it today, so it counts as one of my KCW projects, right? Of course. 

One night, I got it in my head that I just HAD to make my daughter a skirt with marshmallow peeps on it. Had to. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Marshmallow Bunny Skirt Tutorial by Dandelions and Lace

So I did. And here it is. Turned out just as cute as I imagined. And because I thought some of you might be interested in making one too, I whipped up a little tutorial to go along with it. Because I love you guys. :) (And I love peeps! If you do too, check out my Marshmallow Bunny Plushies and Marshmallow Chick Plushies patterns!)

 marshmallow bunny skirt by dandelions and lace

So, want to know how to make it? 

You will need:
* White fabric for skirt (I used white bottomweight fabric from JoAnn. It's a little thicker than regular quilting cotton so it's less see-through. Almost feels like a thin denim. For a young girl's skirt, 1/2 yard should be plenty.)
*  Small amounts of pastel colored fleece or felt
* fusible webbing
* Ric-rac
* 3/4" or 1" elastic for waist
* black embroidery floss and needle for bunnies' faces
* matching thread

We'll start by making the bunnies. 

First iron the fusible webbing to the back of your fleece or felt. I used fleece and it takes a bit more heat and pressure than usual to get the webbing to stick tightly to the fabric.

Now, make a template to trace. Here is a link to a template containing several sizes of bunnies you could use on your skirt. Choose what looks best to you for the size skirt you are making, and cut out the template, then use it to trace the bunnies onto the back of the fusible webbing. 

Then cut out your bunnies. (For my skirt, which is about an 18-24 month size, I cut 9 bunnies that were each 3.5" - second largest bunnies on the template page)

Peel the paper back off the webbing and then add marks for the bunnies' faces with a pencil onto the webbing. (I poked holes in the template with a needle and then set the template over the bunnies to draw on the eyes and nose.)

Now embroider eyes and noses onto the front sides of the bunnies with black embroidery floss using french knots. Here is a great tutorial for making french knots.

Yay, your bunnies are finished! Now you're ready to make your skirt. I followed the Simple Skirt tutorial by MADE. My instructions here are kind of brief, so if you need more help in constructing the skirt, please visit Dana's blog!

Measure your little girl. You'll want to cut your fabric so that the length is twice the size of her waist and the height is the distance from her waist to just above her knee + about 2 inches. So, for my daughter who has an 18" waist... I cut my fabric 36" x 12". It is kind of short but that's on purpose because she's still not a walker and I didn't want her to get caught up in the skirt when she's crawling.

Now, lay out your skirt and pin your ric-rac along the bottom, leaving room for a small hem. I pinned mine 1.5" from the bottom of the fabric. Sew ric-rack to the fabric with a straight stitch.

Now, set out your bunnies. Position them so that they are an even amount of space apart from each other and an even space above the ric-rac. The centers of my bunnies ended up 4" apart, and they are each 1/2" above the ric-rac.  Now iron the bunnies to the fabric.

If your bunnies stick really well, you could skip this part, but mine didn't, so I stitched around each bunny with a straight stitch on my machine, using matching thread. You could also hand embroider around each bunny.

Ok, you're done with the really tedious part! Now we just need to assemble the skirt. 

Fold the skirt in half, right sides together, and then sew the end together with 1/2" seam allowance. Iron the seams out. You can finish the seams with a serger or a zigzag stitch if desired. (I used a zig-zag stitch)

Now, along the bottom of the skirt, iron the bottom hem under 1/4" and then iron under again. Stitch the hem in place with a straight stitch. 

Now, iron 1/4" under along the top of the skirt. Then iron under again 1/2" wider than your elastic. (So, since my elastic was 3/4", I ironed under 1 1/4".) Sew around to form a casing for the elastic, leaving about 2" open to thread the elastic through.

Cut a piece of elastic that is 1" longer than the length of your little girl's waist. (My daugher's waist is 18" so I cut my elastic 19".) Thread your elastic through the top of the skirt, being careful not to twist. Sew the ends of the elastic together with 1/2" overlap on each side.

Sew your opening shut.

You are done!!

marshmallow bunny skirt by dandelions and lace

Any little girl would love this cute, twirly skirt! :)

marshmallow bunny skirt by dandelions and lace

Make It and Love It


  1. That is just adorable!! You are just so crafty & awesome, Sister!!

  2. I just saw this on the KCW blog and I was like "Hey! That's my friend!" (because we are totally blog friends, now) Way to go!!

  3. My granmother raised my sister & me she was more mother than real mother,.Anyway this is darling look's so easy & simple do.Wish had little girl I have 2 boy grand sons lol..Put you in my favoritesThank's,Cookie17


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