Thursday, March 6, 2014

wooden rocking scooter

As you may or may not remember from some of the nursery posts (here and here and here), my husband has a *slight* obsession with scooters... an obsession that he is working hard to bestow upon our daughter. 

toddler-sized wooden rocking scooter

So when I saw a pattern for a wooden rocking scooter on Pinterest, I knew he would be game for making one for her. And when we were in Iowa over Christmas, he and my dad did just that! The pattern is Charlie's Scooter from the blog Ana White. They followed the pattern for the most part, but did make some changes to increase the stability and structural integrity of the scooter.

My dad is a woodworker and does beautiful work. He has a wood shop in his basement where he does projects, so each day of our visit, I could hear them down there... cutting and sanding and nailing and gluing. Finally, the scooter was done!

But it wasn't completely done... no, it still needed to be painted. That was mostly my job. And I'm not proud to say it, but it took a bit longer to paint than it did to build. There were lots of colors and lots of coats! The silver parts took SIX coats alone to completely cover!

First we primed it...

toddler-sized wooden rocking scooter

Then we painted each part... (I picked a beautiful minty green for the main body of the scooter. I just love how it turned out!)

toddler-sized wooden rocking scooter

I'm happy to say that we finally finished it a month or so ago and it looks sooo adorable. Baby girl doesn't quite understand how to ride it yet, but she will learn quickly. And it will always be a special keepsake... built by her grandfather and her daddy... painted by her mommy (and daddy). 

toddler-sized wooden rocking scooter

And maybe... just maybe, it will fuel in her an obsession with scooters. (I know daddy would love that!)

toddler-sized wooden rocking scooter

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