Thursday, March 27, 2014

fun vintage find

My husband and I love to go antiquing. When we lived in Indiana we used to go almost every weekend, and when we first moved to Texas, we went antiquing until we ran out of places to go that were not too far away. But since we had our daughter we have slowed down in that area quite a bit. Mostly because we don't want to drive too far, and with a baby it's a little more of a hassle. Not to mention the fact that we really don't need more "treasures" cluttering up our house and it is in our best interest not to spend the money...

But last weekend we went. My husband came up with a couple stores we hadn't been to within an hour of our house and we set out. We had a good time poking around looking for interesting things. Baby rode in the Ergo carrier and made friends with anyone who would make eye contact with her. So it was a win-win.

Plus, I found this super cute toy!

I would say the majority of the times we go antiquing, I come away empty handed. But sometimes something just catches my eye and I have to have it. So it was with this StromBecker "Zoo-Apart" toy. I just loved it so I bought it. I love that the animals are on a track and can slide off, so that you can switch their positions. A little online research showed me this toy was made and sold in 1950.

Now it sits on a shelf above my computer so I can look at it and smile every day. How fun!

Do you like to go antiquing or thrifting? What kind of things catch your eye?

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