Sunday, January 5, 2014

26. Go sledding

Well, it's here. D-day. The big 3-0. And I only have 14/30 goals in my 30 before 30 list completed. Maybe it should have been a 6-year goal list instead of a 3-year goal list, ha. I guess I underestimated how much being pregnant and then taking care of a baby would slow me down. And working. And life in general.

It happens.

Anyway... I am still working toward my goals and I will still post as I accomplish them. I am considering re-focusing them into a new list, but we'll see. Any ideas, stories or inspiration on how to stay excited about this project even though I missed my deadline?

I did go sledding, though.

Well, actually my daughter did, but I was there. I even pulled her for awhile. I've been sledding many times in my life (just not in quite a few years!), so even though I didn't get in the sled myself this time, it counts for me. Because I say so.

While we were in Iowa on Christmas, my mom pulled out a cute little baby sled that she had purchased for this very reason. Baby girl fit perfectly and off she went with Grandpa! It was snowing and pretty cold (though nothing like the negative temperatures they are experiencing there today, thank goodness!) and she wasn't quite sure what to think about the experience.

Everyone, including Daddy, took a turn at pulling her through the snow. She couldn't seem to figure out whether she should laugh or cry... I think she was just in shock, haha. BUT, every time she stopped moving, she started getting fussy, so I am taking that to mean she enjoyed it.

Next year maybe we'll try out some hills! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Amanda! I hope you had a good one!

    The baby sled looks fun! We have so much snow right now, I kind of wish I had a baby sled. And baby snow pants. I haven't let her play in the snow at all because she doesn't have the right clothes, but I'm sure she will enjoy it more next year anyway.

    1. Thanks for the note! Yes, I probably spent too much on the baby coat and snow pants, since I'm sure she'll never wear them again... but I wanted her to have the full Iowa Christmas experience! :)


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