Wednesday, October 30, 2013

pillowcase dresses for craft hope

It makes me feel so good to be able to use my crafting talents for others, so last week I sewed a couple pillowcase dresses for Craft Hope.

pillowcase dresses for craft hope

You may remember my other projects (a sock monkey and aprons) that I have made for Craft Hope in the past. Craft Hope is an organization that distributes handmade items to people in need. Every few months a new project is posted on their blog. The current project is in cooperation with a charity called Sew Gorgeous that distributes simple pillowcase dresses to little girls in developing countries. These girls often have no decent clothing and to have something new and pretty to wear means so much to them.

pillowcase dress for craft hope

I used the pillowcase dress tutorial from Sew Like My Mom. It was super easy to follow. The fabric and ribbon was from my stash.

If you'd like to participate, the deadline for this project is November 8, so you still have enough time to whip up a couple dresses! 

pillowcase dresses for craft hope

I hope that these dresses make a couple little girls feel extra special and loved.

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