Monday, September 23, 2013

nursery details: hanging pom poms

Hi there!

After a nice looong summer break from blogging, I am back to show you more of my daughter's nursery! She's 7 months old already (time sure does fly!), but better late than never, right?

So today I'm here to show you these lovely fabric pom poms I made. They turned out cute, but I'm still not sure if they made as big of a statement as I was hoping. Maybe I need to make more. (Not happening - these things take FOREVER to make!)

hanging fabric pom poms

Anyway, they are simple to make but use A LOT of fabric and take A LOT of time. I guess that's why I'm showing them to you 7 months after my daughter was born! Well, I actually finished them when she was 5 months. :)

hanging fabric pom poms  

Anyway, I'm not going to give a complete tutorial... if you're interested in making your own, check out these tutorials, here and here. They are what I based my pom poms on. I used styrofoam balls from the craft store (make sure to get on sale or use a coupon... those buggers are expensive!) and then cut out hundreds and hundreds of circles, using the lid of a marshmallow cream jar as a stencil (probably ~4" diameter). The smaller poms used about 150 circles, and the larger poms probably used around 300. Honestly, I lost count. So after cutting circles, fold each circle in quarters and then stick a glob of hot glue on the pointy end. Stick to the styrofoam ball (really mush it in there so it covers as much surface area as possible... this will help cut down on the number of fabric circles you need for complete coverage). Keep gluing circles until the ball is covered. You may want to watch a movie (or 3!) while you work on this project!

hanging fabric pom poms

I hung the poms (using an OOK ceiling hook) on the ceiling near my daughter's changing table, hoping she would look up at them during diaper changes. Unfortunately, she's more interested in trying to chew on the tube of diaper rash cream. Oh well, at least they're cute!

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