Thursday, April 11, 2013

straight talk

Can we chat for a moment?

* Firstly, if you are a Google Reader user, I'm sure you are aware that the service is ending on July 1. What's up, Google? First the Google Newspaper Project, then Picnik, and now Reader. Boo. Anyway, if you use Google Reader and want to continue following my blog, you have other options. Feedly is one good option, but I personally prefer and recommend Bloglovin'. It's simple and straightforward and it has a mobile app so that you can easily read your blogs on your phones or other devices as well. To follow Dandelions and Lace via Bloglovin', just click the button below:

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* Something that's been weighing on my mind for awhile... since before my baby was born, but even more so now, is how to balance my blog with my family. I'm not just talking about finding the time to blog. Heaven knows that's been tougher with a baby! What I'm mainly talking about is related to sharing information - names, photographs, personal information. I've made a conscious effort not to share my little one's name (and I really, really want to because I love it!), or even my husband's name for that matter. And I try to be very conservative with my sharing of personal photos. There are too many scary people out in this world and blogging is too public of an activity. Problem is, the blogs I love the most are the ones that share everything - kids names and birthdates and photographs... The very personal-ness of the blogs is what draws me in and keeps me interested and involved. I feel like keeping my personal life private holds my blog back somehow... it certainly limits my blogging topics... but I just can't bring myself to jeopardize the safety and privacy of my family by sharing much of our private life. 
How have you dealt with this problem?

* Maternity leave goes so quickly! I knew it would, but oh my gosh! I realized today that after this week I only have 4 weeks left. That may sound like a lot, but not compared to the 12 weeks I started with. I love my work, but I don't know how I am going to be able to leave my sweetie at daycare every day.

* Yay for Spring! I think I'm going to go for a walk this afternoon. (Sorry, everyone who is getting/got snow... I promise I'm not rubbing it in and I truly feel bad for you guys!)

I thought I had more, but I guess that's all for today. I'd really love some feedback on my second point. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)


  1. It's a great question/concern and one there is no perfect answer to. Since I started blogging before I had my daughter, I too kept my husband's name out of my posts and as much personal info as I could. Since having her (and she'll be a year old this month, gah!), I haven't blogged quite as much. I started a private blog for just updating family on the baby but that fell by the wayside too. I did start a private Shutterfly website that we upload all her photos and videos to for our family and friends that have access. Otherwise, on my blog I will use her name (it's Rory Louise), I don't use her surname which is different from mine since I kept my maiden name. And I still try not to use Hubby's name. Beyond that, I *might* post a picture here and there of her (none of him yet), but I will keep it limited. I also realize that my previous online activities, though mostly academic in nature, are present on the internet. If someone *really* wanted to find more info, they probably could. But I know people love reading about the things I'm doing and I enjoy blogs that share their personal life too. I say, keep it non-specific but with enough detail to keep people interested (and I'll admit, I'm dying to know her name! We kept our daughter's name a secret the entire pregnancy so by the end, I couldn't wait to share it.) Whatever you decide, good luck! I enjoy your blog and we work in similar fields (I'm a Preservation Librarian).

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! I agree with your comment to keep things relatively non-specific but still with enough details to be interesting. Still working out what that means, exactly, but I think it is going alright so far. So neat that you are a Preservation Librarian - sounds like a very cool job. I have a degree in Museum Studies and I work in collections. I am currently in the middle of a huge cataloging project at my museum. I love my job because you never know what will turn up next. Thanks again for visiting! :)


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