Tuesday, April 9, 2013

nursery details: changing pad cover

After completing the scooter crib sheets and ruffle for my baby girl's nursery, I decided to sew a custom changing pad cover. More scooters here! This was really easy and done almost the same way as the fitted sheet, except that I pieced together two different fabrics.

I used the changing pad cover tutorial from Prudent Baby and it came together very quickly. I planned to make another so that they can be switched out, but haven't finished it yet. I will be honest, I haven't used my sewing machine at all since baby girl was born, so I need to get on that!

custom scooter changing pad cover

Hope you enjoy this sneak peak into my baby's nursery. Hopefully sharing it here on my blog will push me to finish decorating so that I can show you the whole room!

custom scooter changing pad cover


  1. It looks great!!! I really want to learn how to sew. =0)

  2. Cute fabric. And what a great idea to have a couple of these handy. One will inevitably get dirty, so it's nice to have a spare.

  3. Thank you Amanda for stopping on my blog!

    I'm really happy to know you and I feel happy that my post http://www.tricotaria.com/2013/04/wip-making-my-own-stamps.html has encouraged you to try to make stamps too!


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