Friday, April 26, 2013

nursery details: book wall

More diy details from my baby girl's bedroom!

The "book wall" idea is no longer very new or unique, thanks to Pinterest, but from the first time I saw the idea, I knew I loved it and wanted to use it someday. Luckily my husband jumped right on board and he helped me a lot with this little project (hanging things is a 2-person job at our house!).

This project was very straightforward... we bought picture ledges from IKEA (hint: these are in the picture frame section of the store, NOT the shelving section where I kept looking), hung them one above the other on an empty wall, and then filled them up with our little one's growing book collection. I see lots and lots more books in our future, so of course we will need a bookcase as well. But this is a fun, colorful look - visible storage as we would call it in the museum world. A way to decorate with the prettiest and most special books. And seeing the books all lined up makes it easier to choose what to read!

To see more details from my baby girl's nursery, please check out:


  1. I love this book wall! We have the same ledges in our house for picture frames.

  2. Very clever idea! Nurseries are the most fun rooms to decorate. -- Jan


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