Friday, April 26, 2013

nursery details: book wall

More diy details from my baby girl's bedroom!

The "book wall" idea is no longer very new or unique, thanks to Pinterest, but from the first time I saw the idea, I knew I loved it and wanted to use it someday. Luckily my husband jumped right on board and he helped me a lot with this little project (hanging things is a 2-person job at our house!).

This project was very straightforward... we bought picture ledges from IKEA (hint: these are in the picture frame section of the store, NOT the shelving section where I kept looking), hung them one above the other on an empty wall, and then filled them up with our little one's growing book collection. I see lots and lots more books in our future, so of course we will need a bookcase as well. But this is a fun, colorful look - visible storage as we would call it in the museum world. A way to decorate with the prettiest and most special books. And seeing the books all lined up makes it easier to choose what to read!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

safe-to-eat eggless cookie dough

Back story: I LOVE cookie dough. I am a cookie dough fiend. I often like it more than the baked cookies themselves. Needless to say, I usually sneak A LOT when I am baking. I know the raw eggs can contain salmonella and get me sick. But cookie dough is just so dang good that I eat it anyway. [my husband and I even got salmonella once from a batch of ice cream we made several years ago, but obviously the experience wasn't terrible enough to keep me from testing my luck.] When I was pregnant, I craved cookie dough... I don't think it was an actual pregnancy craving, because I craved it a lot before I was pregnant, but either way, I really wanted it. Once, when I was baking cookies, I snitched a little bit of dough, but then I felt horrible about it. It is one thing to risk my own health, but I was risking the health of my baby too! So I vowed to give up the cookie dough for the full nine months. It was tough. Then I found this recipe. (It was online somewhere, but there are so many different versions out there that I can't figure out where it came from... sorry!) No eggs... so it is safe to eat raw! It saved my life! Well, maybe not... it probably just caused me to gain way more than I should have. But it is super yummy and is now one of my favorite recipes!

It will seriously take you only about 5 minutes to make and you will wonder why you have never made it before. Seriously.

Safe-to-Eat Eggless Cookie Dough

3/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup butter, softened
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 cup milk
1 cup flour
pinch of salt
1/2 cup chocolate chips

Just mix the ingredients up with a fork and you will have your very own batch of delicious, safe-to-eat cookie dough! Hooray! Stick it in the fridge for safekeeping. It firms up and tastes even better when it is cold.

You can add whatever else you'd like to the dough - I have added white chocolate chips, m&ms, coconut, and oatmeal. Anything goes!

Don't try to bake it though... it probably won't work.

My favorite way to eat this is: 1) by the spoonful... or 2) as a topping on vanilla ice cream. If you can think of even better ways to eat it, let me know!

You're welcome :) Hehehe.

Friday, April 19, 2013

friday photo drop

Thought I'd share a little bit of what's been going on in my life in photos from my phone. Because sometimes there just isn't time to get out the real camera. Although I need to do that more often! (By the way, does anybody know of any online classes - free is best - for learning to use a dslr camera? I have a new one and I want to be awesome with it!)

If anyone else wants to play along, please leave a link to your photo drop in the comments!

roses new wall art bubby in my facebaby sunglasses alyssum polka dot shaker collection mama+baby=love cheery strawberry handmade wooden cradle scooter cat
1. roses 2. new wall art (from dutch door) 3. bubby in my face 4. baby sunglasses 5. alyssum 6. polka dot shaker collection 7. mama+baby=love 8. cheery strawberry 9. handmade wooden cradle 10. scooter cat

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

nursery details: scooter mobile

One of the most fun-to-make nursery details is the scooter mobile that I sewed. You can see the work in progress in my post here from a couple months ago.

scooter baby mobile

I found a simple scooter image online and traced the individual pieces onto felt. Then I glued the detail pieces (seat, wheels, headlights, etc.) onto the main scooter and hand embroidered them on with a backstitch so that they would stay in place and look extra cute. I cut out two scooter pieces - one forward and one in reverse - for each hanging mobile figure. Then I sewed the two pieces together with a blanket stitch and stuffed them with a bit of polyfil. I added felt stuffed clouds to the mobile for a bit more adorable detail. 

scooter baby mobile

For the frame, I used the inside ring of a round wooden embroidery hoop and wrapped it with satin ribbon. Then I hung the scooter and cloud pieces from the hoop using fishing line. I think it turned out just perfect and my baby girl is already looking up at it with fascination when she naps in her crib. The only thing I need to change is to lower it a little so that it is a bit closer to her and easier for her to look at. Right now it's right up by the ceiling! Nothing a bit of ribbon can't fix, though.

scooter baby mobile

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

straight talk

Can we chat for a moment?

* Firstly, if you are a Google Reader user, I'm sure you are aware that the service is ending on July 1. What's up, Google? First the Google Newspaper Project, then Picnik, and now Reader. Boo. Anyway, if you use Google Reader and want to continue following my blog, you have other options. Feedly is one good option, but I personally prefer and recommend Bloglovin'. It's simple and straightforward and it has a mobile app so that you can easily read your blogs on your phones or other devices as well. To follow Dandelions and Lace via Bloglovin', just click the button below:

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* Something that's been weighing on my mind for awhile... since before my baby was born, but even more so now, is how to balance my blog with my family. I'm not just talking about finding the time to blog. Heaven knows that's been tougher with a baby! What I'm mainly talking about is related to sharing information - names, photographs, personal information. I've made a conscious effort not to share my little one's name (and I really, really want to because I love it!), or even my husband's name for that matter. And I try to be very conservative with my sharing of personal photos. There are too many scary people out in this world and blogging is too public of an activity. Problem is, the blogs I love the most are the ones that share everything - kids names and birthdates and photographs... The very personal-ness of the blogs is what draws me in and keeps me interested and involved. I feel like keeping my personal life private holds my blog back somehow... it certainly limits my blogging topics... but I just can't bring myself to jeopardize the safety and privacy of my family by sharing much of our private life. 
How have you dealt with this problem?

* Maternity leave goes so quickly! I knew it would, but oh my gosh! I realized today that after this week I only have 4 weeks left. That may sound like a lot, but not compared to the 12 weeks I started with. I love my work, but I don't know how I am going to be able to leave my sweetie at daycare every day.

* Yay for Spring! I think I'm going to go for a walk this afternoon. (Sorry, everyone who is getting/got snow... I promise I'm not rubbing it in and I truly feel bad for you guys!)

I thought I had more, but I guess that's all for today. I'd really love some feedback on my second point. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

nursery details: changing pad cover

After completing the scooter crib sheets and ruffle for my baby girl's nursery, I decided to sew a custom changing pad cover. More scooters here! This was really easy and done almost the same way as the fitted sheet, except that I pieced together two different fabrics.

I used the changing pad cover tutorial from Prudent Baby and it came together very quickly. I planned to make another so that they can be switched out, but haven't finished it yet. I will be honest, I haven't used my sewing machine at all since baby girl was born, so I need to get on that!

custom scooter changing pad cover

Hope you enjoy this sneak peak into my baby's nursery. Hopefully sharing it here on my blog will push me to finish decorating so that I can show you the whole room!

custom scooter changing pad cover

Friday, April 5, 2013

nursery details: crib sheets

As you may have guessed prior to my big announcement, I have been spending a lot of my crafty energy over the last 6 or so months on my little one's nursery. It's still not quite done, so I'm not ready to make a "big reveal" post. I will, however, share with you some of the projects and fun details I have been working on.

When I told my friends and family that I was expecting a baby, everyone always asked "What is your theme going to be?" I have nothing against nursery themes, but I guess they are just not really my thing, so I always told people that we didn't have one. And even though we were having a girl, I knew I didn't want to do anything too girly.

I am follower of the blog Craftiness is Not Optional, so when I saw her big nursery reveal post, it really inspired me. Like, I wanted to make my baby's nursery exactly the same! I loved it! I wanted the same fabric for sheets and curtains and everything. Especially the coral color. But then when I found the fabric online to purchase, I was a little put off by the price, especially considering how much I would need to buy.

So I was sad and depressed for a little bit about that. And then I found a fun compromise. I found this series of fabric called "Mod Squad" that features scooters. Even though it is designer fabric, it was all 50% off on Fabricworm. You may not know this, but my husband is a scooter collector, and I thought... what better way to get him excited about the nursery than by using scooter fabric??! And it even contained the coral color I loved. Win win. I then coordinated my designer fabric splurge with some matching solid cotton fabrics from JoAnn that were much cheaper.

So that's what I've been using for all the nursery details. And I have a bit of a theme going, even though I didn't plan to. A scooter theme! It's a pretty loose theme, though, nothing too crazy. Mainly, I've been focusing on using the colors to tie it all together. 

The first thing I sewed were the crib sheets and the ruffle skirt. For the sheets, I used this tutorial from Dana at MADE. It worked perfectly. I used the striped fabric you see above, but then I also made two extra sets for middle-of-the-night accidents and changes and such. I made one with matching dark blue fabric and another in gray.

The ruffle skirt was something I just LOVED in the Craftiness is Not Optional nursery. She used this tutorial from EmmmyLizzzy and it is a three-layer ruffle. I planned to do that in the beginning, but I soon realized that if I made it the same size that she did, it would be dragging on the floor... and that's before I even lower the mattress as my baby grows. Perhaps my crib is lower than others? So I toyed with the idea of making the layers shorter, but it just didn't seem like it would work well (plus it would have taken forever), so in the end I settled for a single ruffle. I still love it though. I love that the scooters on the fabric are present, yet subtle.

So, that was some of the thought and detail that went into planning my baby's nursery. I'll share more with you in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3. Start a family :)

Well, it's no longer new news, but I just wanted to announce that my baby girl is finally here! Yes, she is already a month and a half old, so I definitely took my sweet time to announce her birth, but I've been spending all my time snuggling a newborn... can you blame me?! (and changing poopy diapers, cleaning up throw-up, getting up to feed her at all hours of the night and recovering from an emergency c-section... among other things)

But really, things have been good. I love being a mommy. This is something I have wanted ever since I was a little girl, and when my baby is in my arms, I look down at her and still can't believe that she is actually mine. And she is so beautiful. I am so in love. 

And seeing my hubby with her for the very first time made me love him more than ever before.

So right now my life is filled with love. (along with dirty diapers, spit-up, breast milk, etc... but my favorite part is the love)

How wonderful.