Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

Happy New Year! 

I bet you thought I fell off the face of the Earth! It feels like it sometimes, haha. 

Just been busy. But I decided that I should do a year-in-review, because it is always so nice to look back though the last year and remember what I did and the all the important things that happened. 

In January, hubby and I took a late Christmas trip to Iowa to visit my family. I also made beautiful heart linzer cookies for a wedding and posted a tutorial for fortune cookie cat toys.

In February, the trees started blooming and it began to feel like spring in Texas! I also made sponge candy for the first time... lots of fun and oh-so-pretty!

In March, we took a drive though the bluebonnet trails, I planted a small garden, and in honor of the season I sewed a yellow blossom pillow.

In April, I sewed aprons for Craft Hope to send to women in Haiti, and hubby and I took some driving adventures around the area.

In May, my garden was growing like crazy, and my darling kitties had their birthdays!

June was a busy month. I visited Boston for a work trip, a nasty hail storm hit our house and I made strawberry freezer jam (though I didn't share it until a couple months later!) The most exciting thing was that we found out we were expecting a baby! Didn't share that til a bit later, either. Sneaky.

In July, I guess not too much happened. I don't even have any photos. I think I slept a lot... growing a baby is hard work! Please enjoy a photo of my cute cat. :)

In August, we took a summer vacation driving trip to Iowa. We went to 25+ antique stores, spent a couple nights in Galena, Illinois (and stayed in a haunted hotel!) and had squeaky fresh cheese curds!

In September, the biggest news was that we found out our baby is a little girl! We announced it to our in-laws with some amazing pink cake.

In October, I visited the Texas State Fair with my hubby, got to meet Dana from MADE, finally paid off my college loans, and made an effort to appreciate the little things.

In November, my cousin from Minnesota visited, so we played tourist in Dallas for a few days. Hubby and I also traveled to Iowa over Thanksgiving for my sister's graduation and for a family baby shower (photos to come soon!)

In December, I've been busy getting ready for baby. Can't believe she'll be here in a month and a half! I've been busy sewing sheets and crib ruffles and burp cloths... I'll share all of those too, just haven't gotten around to it! For now, please enjoy a photo of my other adorable cat - taken with my favorite Christmas present - a fancy new camera! :)

All-in-all a decent year. But I'm sure you won't fault me for being super excited for 2013... lots of things to look forward to!

I hope you've all had a nice year as well... and I hope to be less of a stranger in blog-land in 2013!!

Happy New Year :)


  1. What a great year you had! :D And so excited to meet the little one!
    I can also tell that you got a new lens by that photo of crisp & clear!


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