Friday, October 12, 2012

MADE book signing

Have you ever read the blog MADE? It's one of my favorites. Dana is so crafty and stylish and her kids are so gosh-darn adorable! If you haven't seen it, you should definitely check it out!

I had the awesome opportunity to meet Dana tonight. She was doing a book-signing for her new book Fabrics A to Z at a fun fabric store here in Dallas called City Craft. I was starstruck, haha, but she was super sweet and so fun to talk to!

I met Dana from MADE!

There were lots of other sewing girls there... and they all seemed to know each other! I wish I had a sewing friend in Dallas to bring with me to events like this.

She had the store decorated so cute with balloons and streamers and tissue paper flowers. (Tutorials for all of those can be found on her blog!)

And there were some munchies and drinks to enjoy as well.

And I got my book signed!

Now for some bedtime reading about all the many different types of fabric...

Thanks, Dana! So glad you could come to Dallas! Hope our paths will cross again someday! :)


  1. That sounds a great event! Hope you really enjoy the book and never fear a fabric! Whenever I get a load to look through, I literally feel like I am "slabbering a bibful"! Though not a delicate statement, it's just how I do feel, and it's particularly true when I'm given the latest bag of plush materials from my furnishing fabric source!

    Hope you have a similar experience!

  2. Amanda, you need this shirt:

    Brian just got it for me and I wore it for the first time today. We went to a Scottish festival and I got a bunch of compliments.


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