Tuesday, May 15, 2012

my garden grows

This year I decided to buy some seeds and grow a little garden. We have a strange concrete structure in the back corner of our yard that functions as a raised bed, and I've been watering and weeding like crazy, pampering my little plants. I'm sure they won't last through the summer, so I need to enjoy them now!

I tried some herbs because I was tired of having to buy a big bunch at the store and then only using a tiny bit of them before they went bad. Below is my basil, cilantro and oregano. I've already used the cilantro in several dishes and it is so lovely to just step into the backyard, clip a few pieces off and then use them in my cooking. 

My grandmother used to grow herbs. At one point she had around 200 different varieties in her garden at one time! I didn't understand the appeal then, but I certainly do now. I only wish she was still around to teach me how to grow and use all those different herbs.

basil + cilantro + oregano
I also planted some veggies. I tried out sweet peppers and some grape tomatoes. They are both growing like weeds, so I can't wait until they start to bear fruit! I'll be sure to update when that happens!

 sweet peppers + grape tomatoes

Finally, I planted some zinnias... because they're pretty, and some green onions because they are so good. I have become a major green onion fan of late. I can't get enough of them. Can't wait to try my home-grown ones!

zinnias + green onions
Hope you enjoyed the short tour of my little garden! 
Have you planted anything fun this year? How's it doing so far?


  1. Looks good! I'm trying to grow veg but it's been so wet and cold, the onions are about the only thing that's growing at the moment.

  2. They all look fabulous! We can't have much of a garden since we're renting, but we do have pots of herbs (cilantro, basil, rosemary, parsley...), aloe vera, and we also just got a citronella plant! It's way cool. Good luck with your plants!


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