Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My little men

Meet my little men.

They keep me company in my kitchen.

Some people (my husband) may think their dainty eyelashes, dimpled cheeks and plump little lips are creepy, but to me they are simply irresistible.

Mr. Cinnamon has a bit of an attitude, Mr. Pepper can be hotheaded, and Mr. Nutmeg is a bit shy. Mr. Allspice can sometimes be a know-it-all, Mr. Salt is our local jokester and Mr. Clove is just a dear.

vintage spice men

You may think I have a thing for funny little men... and you would probably be right.

But tell me honestly, could you resist their charm?


  1. Those are super cute! I'd Snatch them up if I found them!

    1. Glad you like them! I was a little worried people would think I was crazy! :)

  2. Love these little guys! To cute! I have a weakness for what I call Veggieheads. They are the anthropomorphic S&P's from the 30's-40's that are fruit and vegetable people. :)

  3. OOOh yes! I've seen veggieheads! They are super cute too! I always notice them, but I collect too many things, so they must stay on the shelves at the store! :)


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