Sunday, February 19, 2012

thoughts of spring

While it may not feel like spring yet for many of my readers in different parts of the country and world, it certainly is beginning to feel like spring here! Flowers are popping up, the grass is bright green, and after yesterday's rain everything just smells so fresh and earthy. I'm loving it!

Doesn't spring just make you feel good? Like you could do anything?

It makes me feel like taking on projects and cleaning and baking and breathing it all in.

*happy sigh*

hellebores... the first sign of spring!

Hubby and I have been working in the yard today and it makes me want to go buy plants and flowers already! I can drop money at the greenhouse like nobody's business. Keeping everything alive afterwards... well, that's another story. I blame it on the relentless summer heat. Yep. It's the weather's fault. :)

Last summer was hard on our plants and I'm going to try to make an effort to pick out plants that can handle the crazy hot summers we get here. Like my strawberries, for example. When we moved from Indiana, I brought my strawberries in my pretty red strawberry pot in the trunk of my car. The were all leafy and healthy and if I had been smart, I would have left them with my friend in Indiana. But I was stubborn, and I wanted to keep them... and they died within a week. When we went to the greenhouse last year, I looked longingly at the strawberry plants... and the lady there explained that this variety of strawberries could tolerate the Texas heat. I was sold! I filled my pot right back up with sweet little berry plants. Last summer was a beast, though, and many of them died. But some are already coming back... and I'm confident that if I nurse them back to health, I will have my own fresh strawberries soon! Stay tuned...

How's the weather in your area? Any signs of spring?

my strawberries are still alive!


  1. Ah, we're done with snow at least and I can see the green grass underneath. But it is still cold. Awesome photos!

  2. I probably would have killed the strawberries too. Somehow the purple potatoes managed to die. I never really figured it out - the plant on top still seemed alive, but when I dug up the roots, there was nothing might have been due to a major rainstorm we had that flooded all my pots.

  3. I doubt that you would have killed the strawberries, Kelly!! There were so many times when I wished I would have just left them with you to enjoy and found a new pot down here! :)

  4. Pretty flowers!! Iowa is still deciding whether it really wants to be winter or not. Rainy cold mix of icky today. I say either snow a whole bunch or start being spring!


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