Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come with me...

The fruit trees have begun to bloom
their sweet, sweet fragrance floats through the neighborhood
on warm spring breezes

What could be more beautiful?

flowering peach trees

flowering peach trees

Have I mentioned that I love spring in Texas?


  1. Pretty! It's still gray & gloomy here!

  2. Wow, spring already? We're so into winter yet... I envy you for the aromas and the colors around you!

  3. Yes, it is amazing! Now it's supposed to be dark and wet for a few days, but we've had gorgeous weather and all the trees are budding and blooming.

  4. Lovely photos! Spring is showing it's face here in Georgia too. The budding of the flowering pear trees and the redbuds, oh and the jonquils make Georgia look like Easter.

    Love your blog banner.


    1. That sounds gorgeous! I had to look up what jonquils were and I learned that they are the same as what I call daffodils! They are blooming here, too, and sooo pretty! :)


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