Friday, January 6, 2012


A random post.

My car got smashed up last Friday. Another girl switched lanes directly into my car. Between dealing with insurance and rental cars and general nonsense, I'm so over it. But... no one was hurt, the car can be fixed, we both had insurance, everyone was friendly... I guess the best possible outcome when dealing with an accident.

Anyway. I've just been a little distracted and haven't felt much in the blogging mood. Because I knew that if I blogged, I would be negative and whiny and I really didn't want to put you through that.

But maybe I just need to get it out of my system?

Yesterday was my birthday.

I've only completed 7 of my 30 before 30 goals. Now I only have 2 years left, but 23 goals to complete, so I really need to step it up a notch. I'll let you know how that goes. I really can't believe how fast the time has gone. Crazy.

Hubby and I went out for dinner tonight. For my birthday. Because the restaurant I wanted to go to isn't open for dinner on Thursdays. Because this is just not my week. Anyway, we went to a German restaurant and had wiener schnitzel and spaetzel and we bobbed up and down to live polka music and it just generally made me very happy. And then we came home and stuffed our faces with ice cream cake. So I guess life isn't so bad.

my adorable kitty cat Scooter

I've been wanting to post my New Year's Goals as well. Only problem is that I can't really pin anything down. I've decided that it's hard to make New Year's goals when you have a birthday as close to New Year's as I do. I mean, who wants to start a diet four days before their birthday? Not me. And then, the birthday gets extended to celebrate with family over the weekend... then we've made plans to visit Iowa at the end of the month (diet probably not happening there)... and then it's Valentine's Day... So yeah, diet is probably out.

Instead, I think I'm going to try to make other people happy. I have a huge stash of greeting cards that I've kind of quit using. I've quit posting birthday messages (actually any messages) on Facebook, even to my good friends. I'm lazy about replying to emails. My New Year's goal is to make more of an effort to keep in touch with people who are important to me and to commit random acts of happiness. More gifting people for no reason. More treats to work. More little notes. More smiles. Maybe it will rub off and make me happier too. And then I won't have to bore you with horribly self-centered blog posts like this. We can only hope.

(I do have a crafty post coming up, so at least you can look forward to that!)

(And I'm sure I'll snap out of this dumpy mood soon!)


  1. I'm so sorry about your car troubles! But at least everyone is ok. Happy Birthday! I like your goal of making people happy. I also decided to start sending birthday cards to friends and family because I've gotten away from it. I like the idea of being more positive and happy.

  2. Thank you! Yes, I am very lucky.

    I think this will be a good goal for me because I always WANT to do nice things for people but lately I just need an extra kick in the butt to actually DO it. I need to get back in the habit. :)


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