Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My monkey is famous...

Remember my sock monkey?

He made it safely to the Craft Hope headquarters (I was a little worried about whether he'd be able to breathe in that little box!) and is now on his way to make the holidays a bit brighter for a child who lost his or her home in the Texas wildfires.

But he got an extra 15 minutes of fame when he was pictured on the Craft Hope website today!

Go do some good, little monkey!

(If you want to be involved with Craft Hope, just keep an eye on the blog. There's usually a new project every month or two... and I'm sure another chance to make a difference will be starting shortly!)


  1. This is awesome! That monkey is awesome! Maybe I should try one of their crafts soon....

  2. Your monkey is so sweet, it definitely has personality :) I am going to check out the blog!


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