Monday, November 14, 2011

I just "hat" to share... newly-framed collection of hat buttons!

I showed off my vegetable buttons a few months ago and I finally got around to framing a bit more of my ginormous (and ever-growing) button collection!

They are a bit addicting, I must say.

framed glass hat buttons

But aren't they lovely?!

These buttons are all made of glass, many of them with painted details. I've collected them from a variety of sources over the past couple of years - antique malls, ebay, etsy. Something I like about collections is the act of hunting for a special item, so I give myself little challenges. There seemed to be lots of different styles of hat buttons, so one of my challenges was to find as many different hat buttons as possible. I found 20, and I think I'll have to stop with the hats, otherwise I'll have to find a bigger frame, and I really don't want to re-frame them all!

No worries, though. I have plenty of other directions in my button collecting. Enough little "challenges" to keep me busy for years to come.

Here's a closer view of my hats:

framed glass hat buttons

I just love seeing them all lined up so purty! Inspires me to get to work on framing some of my other groupings of buttons!

Which is your favorite?
(I don't think I can choose... I like different hats on different days. Today I like the alpine hat with the flowers around it, second row on the right... or maybe the cute bonnet on the top left... too hard to decide!)


  1. What a great collection. I like the one on the top row on the far left... or bottom row center. I can't make up my mind. Of course I'm kind of partial to glass in almost any form, even button hats.

  2. So hard to pick a fave...Uuuummmm...I think I'll go with the clear one in the bottom right corner. Just because! =)
    from Blogging Buddies

  3. Wow! They are lovely! I didn't know... what a cute idea to have a hat button haha, it sounds funny but it is awesomely cute.

  4. They are gorgeous! It would be hard to choose a favourite, maybe the green one on the top row.

  5. Oooo cute! I like the top row on the right, as well as the 2nd row on the right. They look awesome framed!


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