Monday, October 17, 2011

The thrill of the hunt

On weekends, one of me and my husband's favorite things to do is go antiquing. We love the thrill of the hunt and we especially love traveling to little out-of-the-way towns to find new places to shop.

We have been known to drive as far as four hours in one direction just go to a few antique stores. It's so nice to get out of the city and I adore all the little town squares and historic buildings that we come across in our travels. Sometimes the trip itself is just as exciting as the antiquing!

We have seen all sorts of things on our search for treasures, but the best part of it is we are spending time together, doing something that we both enjoy. More often than not, we don't end up buying anything, but joy we find in looking for just the right item keeps the search exciting. I'm also a self-proclaimed history geek (I believe hubby would self-proclaim himself that as well), so I just love looking at old stuff, whether I'm buying it or not! :)

one of our favorite antique shops!

We are starting to run out of good antique store and little towns to visit within a reasonable radius of our home, which makes us sad, because a previously un-visited store is the most exciting by far. Luckily, there are enough decent antique stores in the area to keep us busy when we need something to do.

For example, all the photos in this post are from our neighborhood antique store, Curiosities. [yes, all this vintagey-goodness is in walking distance from our house!!]

one of our favorite antique shops

We both look for completely different items, but we have fun helping each other find them. Here are some of the things we watch for when we shop:

I look for:
"Just Buttons" magazines
pretty frames to display my button collection
1st edition Hamlin Garland books (an author from my hometown)
blown glass christmas ornaments
pretty vintage fabric
rick rack and notions (only if cheap)
wooden alphabet blocks (to make my block photo holders)
reddish-orange polka dot Hazel Atlas bowl (to go with the rest of the set)
red-handled kitchen utensils
vintage souvenir plates from places we've been
probably more things that I can't think of right now
...and anything that shows crafty promise!

My husband looks for:
tobacco tins (he has an amazing collection!)
car toys
scooter toys
real scooters & parts

My husband thinks I shop too slowly, but as you can see by the difference in list length - I'm not slow, I'm just looking for a lot more things than he is! And some stores are just so jam-packed full of goodies that it is impossible to see it all without slowing down and taking it one shelf at a time... right?!

one of our favorite antique shops

Do any of you get the same thrill in visiting antique or thrift stores? What things do you like to look for when you go?


  1. I have a good selection near us too. But I agree,there is nothing like stepping into a newly found antique store!

  2. I find those shops overwhelming, I want to look at everything. I'm slow too.

  3. Sounds like some good quality time together. We live about 15 minutes away from a little downtown that has tons of antique shops. You'd probably enjoy it. It's an old downtown main street (LaPorte, Indiana) with turn of the century buildings.


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