Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You wanna learn to crochet?!

Just wanted to let you know about an awesome crafty opportunity I learned about today. Dana from the blog Craftyminx (she's the one doing "A Granny a Day" - check it out, her work is amazing!) is hosting a month-long learn-to-crochet school. The best part is that it's completely free! It starts on Oct. 1, but can be done at your own pace.

So if you've always wanted to learn to crochet, but never known how or where to start, hop on over and check out her syllabus! I'm defintely going to try to follow along with the class... even though my granny squares are still coming along, I definitely have lots more to learn!


  1. yay! Thanks for sharing Amanda!

  2. That is such a lovely idea. I needed several attempts at crocheting before I really learnt how to do it, so I believe having someone guide you is a must!


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