Friday, September 23, 2011

Acorn cookies

Whoa. I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I never meant to take such a long break... in fact I have tons to post about! I've just been a little bit busy - mostly with traveling to IA for my sister's wedding. In fact, I never touched my computer for a whole week. But I'm baaack!

Wedding pictures will be coming soon, but first I wanted to share with you a fun little project to celebrate THE FIRST DAY OF FALL!

These little acorn cookies are so cute and so easy. The first time I saw them were on the blog Whimsy Love, when Nikki made them for her daughter's woodland themed birthday party. Later, I received the book What's New Cupcake? for Christmas from my parents - this book contains the orginal idea.

Anyway, I've seen these floating all around the internet now, but I made some for my sister's cake table at her outdoor wedding, so I just had to put together a little tutorial so you can make your own. [And you should, because they are sooo easy. And super adorable too!]

nilla wafer and hershey kiss acorn cookies

First, the ingredients.

You will need:
mini nilla wafers
hershey's kisses
chocolate frosting
mini chocolate chips

nilla wafer and hershey kiss acorn cookies

Simply stick the hershey's kiss to the mini nilla wafer with a dab of frosting. Then stick the mini chocolate chip to the top with another frosting dab. And you're done!

I stuck these in the fridge overnight so the frosting could get nice and hard. I didn't want my acorns falling apart on the long drive up to the wedding. And I had no trouble at all.

nilla wafer and hershey kiss acorn cookies

Here are the finished acorns at the wedding in all their glory. I didn't get many pictures because, let me tell you... these yummy little things didn't last long! Wedding guests were sneaking them left and right. I think they were practically gone before the bride and groom even cut their cake!

nilla wafer and hershey kiss acorn cookies

Now go make some of your own... and enjoy the first day of fall!!

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  1. SO cute! thanks for sharing. a must try for a fall party. perhaps add a pecan in there between wafer and kiss to give it a little more woodsy texture......and of course. plus i love nuts and chocolate together.

  2. Precious! I love this idea. Thank you for sharing with us!

  3. Oh, they are so lovely and easy to make! When I saw th efirst photo I thought there was going to be a long list of ingredients but what a surprise! I am loving the woodland theme indeed :)

  4. Oh.. .I'm going to have to make some of those!

  5. These are just what I was looking for to make for my daughter's class party! Thank you! They are adorable!


  6. These were so delicious. I only got to eat one though, the night before the wedding! By the time I got to the cake table on my wedding day, they had been gobbled up! Thanks for making them-they were definitely a hit with everyone!


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