Wednesday, September 7, 2011

24. Take a canoe trip

While in Iowa with my family a couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go canoeing with my dad. What a treat! I haven't been out on the river for a few years and I had missed it so much.

canoeing on the cedar river

And I wasn't disappointed. The water was as smooth as glass. There's just something about the sounds and the smells of being out on the river that makes me relax and try to savor every moment.

The evening weather was warm yet not hot. We saw birds - an eagle, herons, goldfinches, killdeer. It was just lovely.

canoeing on the cedar river

I didn't want our short trip to end!

canoeing on the cedar river

Anyone who says Iowa isn't beautiful is certainly wrong in my book! What do you think?

canoeing on the cedar river

Thanks, Dad, for the lugging out the canoe for me. Thanks for the memories.

Let's try to do this again sometime soon. :)

30 before 30


  1. What a beautiful place! And you saw an eagle, that's amazing. I like the 30 before 30 idea.

  2. I got the goose bumps reading your post. Who could say Iowa is not beautiful? They must be blind. I can only imagine the quiet river lazying around and just the sound of birds and your boat. Heavenly indeed!


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