Sunday, August 7, 2011

A word about the heat...

sad, dried up flowers

[yes, those used to be my beautiful potted flowers... fried in the Texas sun]

If you haven't heard, we here in Dallas are in the middle of quite a heat wave (and a major drought as well). In fact, today was the 37th consecutive day in which the temperature was over 100 degrees F. And there's no sign of any relief. The record for the longest stretch of days over 100 degrees was set in 1980 at 42 days. So, we're just about there... on Friday we'll tie the record and then if we make it to Saturday, we'll break it! That shouldn't be too hard, considering this is the forecast we have to look forward to for the next 10 days:

Dallas, TX forecast

I'm kind of excited for the record-breaking bit (sick, I know), but as far as I'm concerned, after Saturday, the weather can shape up and become tolerable... maybe mid 70's? (ha. just for saying that, we'll probably set an 80 day streak of over 100 degrees) What I hate about the heat is we can't do ANYTHING outside... yardwork, biking, walking, ugh. And it is so uninspiring. Makes me act so lazy. Yuck.

Anyway, I have lots of fun things to blog about that I keep putting off (blame it on the heat!). I'm going to make a really big effort to get these things posted this week. Thanks for letting me vent a little! :)


  1. Good grief. How do you cope with heat like that?

  2. I see i wasn't the only creative soul in Texas blogging about this drought this year. Here is hoping we have a wet winter.


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