Monday, August 29, 2011

In the garden

I would give almost anything to have a big, beautiful garden.

A strawberry patch.
Fresh green beans.
Pumpkin and squash vines twining together.
Tall sunflowers leaning against the side of the barn.

That is my dream. Someday.

Luckily, my parents already have a big, beautiful garden. The only unfortunate part is that the big, beautiful garden is nearly 1000 miles away. I don't see it very often, so when I'm in Iowa, I make sure to spend some time in it.

vegetable and flower garden

Breathing in the smells...

monarch butterfly on orange cosmos

basking in the warmth...

apple tree

keeping an eye out for little surprises...

yellow squash

and bursts of color...

black-eyed susans

imagining the grape juice that will be made from the hundred-year-old vines...


and taking in beauty at every turn.


Someday, I will have a garden...

orange zinnia

where I can plant unusual flowers (like these Bells of Ireland)...

bells of ireland

and pluck my own beans for supper...

green beans

and watch for butterflies and hummingbirds...

pink zinnias

But for now, I will be content to dream.
(while I tend the sickly little basil sprouts in my kitchen window and try to keep my sun-browned yard alive)

Someday... I will have a lush and lovely garden. Someday.


  1. hi amanda, you were above me in etsy blog postings today.........wonderful pics. that moonflower is stunning!!

    Glad to be following. Going to check your shop out now!


  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! I'm with you! I dream about a large garden, even write about it some in my Abby story in my writing blog. For now though, I have a few plants on my patio and reap the benefits of my daughter's garden--like last night's zichinni for supper!

  3. I'm very jealous of this garden! I wish I could have one too!
    Great photos btw


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